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Our Product :

All our funeral urns and keepsakes respect all these principal guidelines:
No metal piece
Glue without phenol, formaldehyde or epoxy
Made with bamboo, a sustainable and rapidly renewable resource (FSC certified).
No stain or die and with a 100% natural silky (finish made with beeswax and linseed oil)
Oxo-biodegradable bag and natural cork stopper
Meet the Green Burial Council standard: 3 leafs rating

Our way to do thing:

All our products are conceived and cut with a computer numeric control router to assure that all our products will be the same. We are very strict about product quality and identical manufactured products. Our silky finish, maded with a secret receipe with tung oil and beeswax, is applied by hand to ensure that all products will have a special hand made touch. Our mission: Supply ecofriendly funeral urns as well as funeral keepsakes developed and made with passion, in a spirit of sustainable development for funeral homes and wholesalers all around the world. We Look constantly for innovative solutions and for new concepts of models by making sure of the environmental protection.

Our business:

Located in Quebec and created in 2010, our business desserve all products all around the world. We are constantly looking for new partners to conceive and deliver our products. Maintain tight relation between our clients, our partners and our company is our philosophy. Our guideline is simple: respect the chain of value by creating long time partnership between our suppliers, our business, our contractors, our distributors, the funeral homes and the final clients. We are proud to introduce yourself to our Collection Esencia products.